Headphones Guide For PS4 & Xbox One

By Alex Mercer

February 9, 2019

PS4 & Xbox One headphones are a key part of playing video games. Hearing footsteps and enemy weapon fire allows you to understand their proximity. The technology of 3D sound allows players to have a complete understanding as if they were actually in the game.

Explosions tip off where an enemy could be located without even seeing where the enemy is.

We’re going to break down a list of headphones that are compatible with PS4 & Xbox One.

Are PS4 & Xbox One Headphones The Same?

They’re the same; however, they’re slightly different for the computer. Although they ultimately do the same thing, some headphones are not fit for console gaming as they would be for PC gaming.  

The difference between computer headphones and console headphones is mainly just the connection port. If the connection uses a 3 1/2mm connection, it will not fit any console ports, including an Xbox or PS4 controller.

Some of the higher-priced PC headphones require this kind of port. It’s important to read the box when purchasing headphones to make sure it’s capable. One size does not always fit all in this situation!  

Also, the Xbox One controllers require a special headphone jack to plug headphones into. Xbox has created a proprietary plugin on the bottom of their controllers, which does not support a normal headphone jack.

To plug headphones into the Xbox One controller, you’ll need an adapter like this to plug in both normal and gaming headsets.  

Xbox One Volume Adapter

This adapter will help you plug the headphones into the appropriate slot; this Xbox One adapter will help.

Why Use Gaming Headphones?

This question has always surfaced, as players always wonder if they can use an old pair of iPhone headphones to get the same effect. Gaming headphones are effective for mainly two reasons:

  • Noise Canceling
  • Directional Sound

Noise cancellation is key because it allows players to submerge themselves completely into their playing environment. This is why gaming headphones are extremely thick around the ears for noise cancellation and comfort.  

Noticing directional sounds from opponents is key in shooting games. It’s the difference between hitting a shot and being shot. Especially in Fortnite and Apex Legends, footsteps can be heard passing through the right ear into the left ear as a player runs or slides around you.

The noise cancels, and directional components of the headphones are why you should consider purchasing gaming headphones.  

Are Wired Or Wireless Headphones Better For Gaming?

The debate on wired and wireless headphones is based on personal preference. As air pods have seamlessly taken over the headphone world, making wireless the mainstay, wired headphones are slowly starting to be weeded out.  

As mentioned, wired headphones serve no better functionality than wireless headphones; it’s just mostly on personal preference. What you will see, however, is that wireless headphones are a significantly higher price.  

Also, it’s good to note that connection to the sound card/motherboard matters between wired and wireless in most cases.

If the headset is connected via USB, it will more than likely drag you closer to your system if you’re gaming on a PC; that’s fine, as you’re more than likely sitting next to your desktop/laptop.  

However, if you’re console gaming, you’ll need to have a long wire, as most gamers sit a fairly decent distance away from their console so that they can sit on their couch/chair.

Suppose you have a dog or a little brother/sister that likes to run around the living room. They may interfere or trip up on your long cord. Wireless headphones may be the best buy in this case.

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Should I Buy An Expensive Pair Of Gaming Headphones?

As the price goes up, don’t let the box trick you into these fancy components of the headphones. The sound quality is the number one thing that matters as the price goes up.

Cheaper headphones can produce some pretty good quality and comfort. More expensive headphones have better quality than the pure sound coming from them.  

If you’re buying a gaming headset, we recommend going with a cheap headset version and buying up from there. We’ve created a list of 8 cheap gaming headsets to get you started. These headsets are great for beginners or players who have been gaming for years.

If you’re on the other side of the spectrum and are looking for a new headset because you’re getting sick of your old ones, then you need to break down a few things for yourself:

  • Budget
  • Sound Quality

You won’t find much of a difference in the $100-$200 range for headphones. However, if you’re looking to spend around the $300 mark, it will get to as close sounding to “live” as possible.

Whether you’re listening to a video game or watching a movie, these types of headphones are as good as it gets. We recommend not spending any more than $300, and if you choose to do so, make sure you test them first before making the expensive purchase.  

What Headphones Are Compatible With PS4 and Xbox?

As mentioned above, we’ve created a list here of the best cheap gaming headsets for the console. This will help you get started. A few other things to note when buying a headset for the console is its connection. We’re looking for a standard headphone jack seen below (most plug directly into the controller) or a USB.  

If the headphone jack has anything other than those ports, it will not be compatible with your console. Save yourself time and headaches by inspecting your console. If you’re playing on PS4 or Xbox One, then a USB or regular headphone jack shouldn’t be an issue.  

What Gaming Headphones Work With Nintendo Switch?

Any gaming headset with a headphone jack to plug directly into or a USB slot. All console headphones will work for the Nintendo Switch. If you’re playing on the go, it may be better to use earbuds, as they’ll be easier to use on the go.  

How Do I Clean My Gaming Headphones?

Use baby wipes or any type of damp soft tissue to clean the earphones effectively. Not getting water or any liquid inside the earphone is important as it may cause significant damage.  


Gaming headphones are almost a necessity in today’s gaming age. The detail of footsteps and explosions help players understand enemy proximity without actually seeing them.

2D volume from television doesn’t have the same effect as the 3D effect that headphones provide.

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