How Long Do Gaming Laptops Last?

By Alex Mercer

February 23, 2022

Buying a gaming laptop will unleash a whole new level of expense. While it’s not a financially viable option, gaming laptops are popular due to only one convenience they provide portability. But then again, the lifespan of a gaming laptop is a concerning issue, so it’s important to know how long gaming laptops last before buying one.

A top-tier gaming laptop can last for up to 10 years if you use it with proper care. But most mid-range laptops last for about 5 or 6 years, and entry-level ones last 3-4 years. The lifespan depends on build quality. Even if a laptop lasts for years, it will become obsolete.

Buying a gaming laptop is a huge investment, so you deserve to know every bit of information that will help you make a decision.

One of the main culprits behind the short lifespan of laptops is a lack of knowledge about how to use them properly. In the rest of this article, I will shed light on everything you must know before and after getting a gaming laptop.

Do Gaming Laptops Have A Shorter Lifespan?

Comparing them to gaming desktop computers and consoles, gaming laptops typically last 5-6 years with proper care.

The discussion of lifespan is only relevant for gaming laptops, not desktops. Because you can upgrade every component of a desktop individually, if any part gets damaged or outdated, you can upgrade that part only to the latest one.

High-end components last a very long time, well beyond their warranty period. Their relevance depends on your expectations. If you buy the most recent hardware today and 1080p and 60 FPS are good enough for you, the computer will stay relevant for up to 10 years. You get both relevance and lifespan with a desktop.

A console also gives you full service throughout your lifetime. Once it starts getting old, the manufacturers release new ones. So once you buy a console, you don’t have to worry until the next in-line releases.

Only a few unfortunate events occur where the console gets damaged prematurely. If something happens within the warranty period, you can quickly get a replacement.

With a gaming laptop, you are stuck in the middle. A high-end gaming laptop can last up to 10 years if you take care of it properly. Midrange ones last about 5-6 years, and entry-level gaming laptops last about 3-4 years. If anything other than the RAM and SSD becomes damaged, it cannot be replaced individually. You are in luck if you are in the warranty period, though.

The build quality determines the lifespan. Except for a few costly gaming laptops, most have average hardware quality.

Manufacturers do it to reduce the price. Also, the thermal problem has always been an issue in gaming laptops. A poor cooling system affects the components and ultimately a shorter lifespan.

If you are lucky enough to get more than five years of service from a gaming laptop, the relevancy issue pops up, which I will discuss in the next section.

How Long Do Gaming Laptops Stay Relevant?

Gaming laptops stay relevant for about 5-6 years. Even if the components remain relevant, the performance starts to diminish.

Laptops and gaming desktop computers have the same components like the CPU, graphics card, RAM, storage device, etc.

The difference is that desktops have a spacious interior, while laptop components are enclosed in a small space. This makes a huge difference—small space results in poor temperature control, which ultimately impacts performance and lifespan.

Gaming laptops stay relevant for around five years or slightly more. Once the performance starts to drop, you will realize that the end is near. You can also figure out your laptop’s relevance if you stay up-to-date with the current market.

The downside is that you can’t change the graphics card or the CPU to last another five years, unlike desktop computers.

The only things you can change are the storage and RAM. They don’t matter much for gaming, unlike the GPU and CPU. So, your only option remains to buy a new gaming laptop, which will take a severe toll on your wallet.

Relevance also depends on the type of game you play. The current high-end laptop should stay relevant even ten years later if you play low-demanding games. But there is another problem. Despite the hardware remaining quite capable, laptops tend to become slower.

This is because of dust accumulation over time. Cleaning the inside of a laptop isn’t as easy as cleaning a desktop. Laptops also accumulate more dust compared to desktops.

The dust impairs the laptop’s cooling system, resulting in thermal throttling. Thermal throttling reduces power consumption to reduce heat generation, causing diminished performance.

So, as you can see, even the most recent and modern gaming laptops can only stay relevant for so long. You can go for it if you keep your expectations low.

How To Prolong Gaming Laptop Lifespan?

Here are the tips that you should follow to ensure proper care of your laptop:

Get The One With The Best Build Quality

Hardware quality is one of the biggest factors determining a laptop’s lifespan. Low-priced laptops often have average build quality.

So, even if it costs a bit more, try to get an expensive laptop to ensure better build quality. Pricey ones don’t always guarantee good build quality, so do your research beforehand.

Regularly Clean Your Laptop

As I have said above, dust accumulation downgrades the performance despite having relevant hardware. It’s essential to clean your laptop every six months.

Don’t do it yourself if you have no prior experience. Consult with expert technicians and make sure they use canned air.

Physical Protection

Always carry your laptop in a bag specifically designed for carrying laptops. Laptops are almost always guaranteed to get irreversibly damaged if they fall from a height.

Make sure the bag is capable of cushioning the shock from the fall.

Take Care Of The Battery

While it’s not good for a laptop to be left charging all the time, it’s recommended for gaming laptops to be kept plugged in while gaming. You get full performance if you play with the laptop plugged in, and this also increases the battery life.

Replace The Thermal Paste

Thermal paste transfers the heat from the CPU to the base of the cooler. Replacing the thermal paste every few years will ensure better heat dissipation and the laptop’s longevity.

Use An External Keyboard

Gaming puts a lot of pressure on the peripherals. If the keyboard on your laptop gets damaged, it can be difficult to find a replacement. You would use an external mouse because touchpads aren’t made for gaming.

Many users often disregard the use of an external keyboard because laptop keyboards can do the job. But to ensure a longer lifespan, use an external keyboard.

Keep Food And Drink Away

An accidental spill of water can be detrimental to your laptop. While everyone is well aware of it, a lot of users frequently have dry foods near their laptops.

Particles from dry foods can accumulate beneath the keyboard and affect the performance of your laptop over time.

Always Keep The Laptop On A Flat And Hard Surface

A flat and hard surface allows proper heat dissipation. If you use your laptop on your bed, I recommend getting a small table designed to use on the bed-top. These tables have a hard surface and don’t block the transfer of heat.


A gaming laptop can be a great gaming companion if you know how to handle it the right way. Also, knowing what to expect can save you from a lot of disappointment.

I believe this write-up can fulfill all your queries about how long gaming laptops last, care of gaming laptops, and other relevant information.

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