Can A Normal PC Run Games? PC Gaming Guide

By Alex Mercer

February 23, 2022

Buying a PC for gaming can be very puzzling because endless options and limitless customization are possible.

Also, PC gaming is quite expensive. You are on the right track if you ask yourself, what kind of PC do I need to play games before buying anything? You’ll have to know what you want, what you need, and what you are getting.

What kind of PC you need to play games on depends on many variables. A computer with midrange components and a dedicated graphics card should be a good middle ground to play any game you want. One thing to note is that you need a dedicated graphics card because built-in graphics are barely enough to run any game.

Unlike consoles, there are lots of things to know about PC gaming. What type of game do you want to play, your budget, etc.?

Many factors play their role in PC gaming, every one of which is a piece of must-have knowledge. So, before you get into PC gaming, let me enlighten you about these facts. Let’s go!

Can a Normal PC Run Games?

Yes, a standard PC can be used for gaming. However, it must possess the processing power to play newer games.

You can play video games on any computer. Everything a machine requires to run video games is already on a personal computer. The only difference is the power of each component.

Most personal computers can be used for gaming. Whether you can play games on a normal PC depends on what you mean by ‘normal’ PC and what type of game you want to play.

Although essential components of a computer are the same on all models, the operating system varies, and that alone can decide whether you can play games on a computer.

Two major computer operating systems are currently in the market: Microsoft Windows by Microsoft Corporation and macOS by Apple.

Even though iMac and MacBooks are insanely powerful these days, they are not built for gaming. Most games are not released for macOS, although a computer with such power should easily handle modern games.

So yes, any normal PC can be used for gaming if the game is available on that specific operating system, plus if the system requirements match. Although you can run high-end games on a low-end computer with compromised performance, the game may not run at all if the difference is too big.

Do You Need A Special Computer To Play PC Games?

Gaming computers are different in configuration than work computers. Yes, You need a special computer built for gaming to play PC games.

There are different kinds of computers for different purposes. Of course, they all have the same components, but the configuration varies.

There is a misconception that work computers don’t need to be powerful or require high-end graphics cards or monitors. That’s partially true. It only applies to day-to-day desk jobs at an office, police station, grocery shop, etc.

Certain types of work require extremely high-end computers surpassing average gaming computers’ power.

Animation studios, game development studios, rendering works, etc., require high-end computers with powerful graphics cards.

So, you will need a special computer, a computer that is built mainly for gaming. The configuration depends on your budget and demand.

What Kind Of PC Do I Need To Have To Play Games?

There is no single answer to this question. What type of PC you need solely depends on the type of game and the performance you want. I will discuss this topic in two different sections below. Let’s go:

Single-Player Games

You will need a high-end PC if you are a fan of AAA titles with a single-player storyline and want max performance.

There is no specific definition of a high-end PC because manufacturers release components of various ranges occasionally. So, being the most recent doesn’t mean it’s high-end.

Peripherals don’t play any role in single-player games, so you can buy any basic keyboard, mouse, and headset. Also, high FPS isn’t necessary for story mode games, unlike competitive online games, so a 60Hz monitor is enough.

There is a different fanbase of indie games. You won’t need high-performing computers if you are one of those gamers. Indie games are low-budget and developed by small studios. They run pretty well on low to mid-range gaming computers.

Multiplayer Games

There are two types of gamers: those who enjoy the breathtaking graphics and those with a competitive mindset who can’t wait to outrun, outgun, and outsmart their opponents online. 

The latter has one advantage: they don’t need high-end computers to play computer games.

If a game is only multiplayer and there is no single-player campaign, then it is specially optimized so those mid-range computers can run it optimally.

On the other hand, in games with single-player and multiplayer modes, its optimization depends on the developer’s focus.

However, there is one catch: you will need a few extra things that aren’t necessary for single-player gaming, which will cost you quite a lot.

There is a saying, “Frames win games.” The more fps you get, the more edge you have over your opponent. There is an explanation why, which you can find here. That’s why in competitive gaming, the least refresh rate monitors professional gamers use is 144Hz. 

Many pros use 240Hz monitors, and 360 Hz monitors are slowly coming to market. And these monitors cost a lot.

Now, come on to the peripherals. You can play single-player games using a mouse and keyboard from the ’90s. But in multiplayer games, things like latency, polling rate, response time, etc., come into play.

These factors apply to both the mouse and keyboard. You must have the best mouse and keyboard in the market to have every advantage over your opponents.

Headsets are equally important in online games for sound queues. Besides your teammate’s callouts, one of the key ways to detect your enemies is by their footsteps, particularly in online shooters.

If you have great headsets, you won’t miss a thing. If your headsets are average, that might cost you the match. Good-quality headsets are pricey.

So overall, you can settle for a medium-range computer if you play online games only. But if you love playing single-player games with vivid graphics, you’ll have to spend quite a lot.

How Much Is a Gaming Computer?

A quality PC for gaming can cost you anywhere from $800 to $1400.

Although PC gaming is more expensive than consoles, the price of PC components has been stable. But nowadays, scalpers, chip shortage, and mining; all these factors have made the price of PC components, especially graphics cards, so high that it has gone beyond ordinary peoples’ range.

So, it’s impossible to expressly state a gaming computer’s price due to the volatile market. All I can say is this, “if you have to ask the price, you probably can’t afford it.”

Is It Cheaper To Build A Gaming PC?

Yes, it is cheaper to build a PC. However, it’s more difficult. Each part must be compatible, and it cannot be easy to match parts if you’re not experienced with computer building.

PC components manufacturers make more profit, and supply chain, technological innovations, etc., are some of them. If you are keen to know more about what makes PC gaming more expensive, here is an excellent write-up.

If you are a budget gamer, a console is the better option. But if you want raw performance no matter the cost, PC gaming has always been superior.


Although PC gaming is more complex and not on the affordable side, there’s no denying that it gives you the best experience of everything, from visual and audio to gameplay and customization. I believe you already got your answer to what kind of PC I need to play games and any associated queries. Good luck!

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