11 Best Monitors For Gaming And Photo Editing

By Alex Mercer

October 9, 2020

Monitors are our windows to the digital world. Given that humans are primarily visual creatures, it is essential that these monitors can relay crisp, high-definition images with a vibrant color palette.

The best gaming and photo editing monitor is the LG 32UD99-W 32-inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor.

This article will look at the best monitors for photo editing and gaming

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Best Monitors For Gaming And Photo Editing

1. Acer Predator XB271HU

Acer Predator

Features: UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS Monitor with NVIDIA G-SYNC Ultimate | Quantum Dot | Up to 144Hz Refresh | Adobe RGB | (Display Port & HDMI Port), Black (X27 bmiphzx)

This monitor represents cutting-edge technology. It has 4K support, a high resolution, and it can output a fast framerate. Thanks to the G-sync feature, you won’t have to worry about screen tearing.

Owning this monitor is like looking into the future; maybe its raw power will become bland and accessible someday. Yet, that day is not today. For the moment, this is an expensive model that runs on a lot of power.

If cost is no issue, the Acer Predator X27 is one of the best options for any gamer. The image it forms is clearer, brighter, and more beautiful than any other monitor.

The out-of-box settings have disabled the 144Hz refresh rate alongside the HDR, and you will need to activate them manually. A red joystick at the back of the monitor is available for setting navigation, in addition to the other four buttons.

2. LG 32UP83A-W 32-inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor

LG 32UD99-W

This is an excellent multi-purpose, versatile computer monitor with a streamlined and straightforward design. You can use it for gaming, photo editing, or simple office work. Regardless of your environment, the LG 32UD99-W will suit its purpose well. 

4K screens used to be a very niche and expensive product, yet they have become part of the mainstream. Besides, monitors have begun integrating HDR (High Dynamic Range) as an integral feature. 

Of course, this product has both 4k and HDR.

In terms of its flaws, it is not cheap, given its features. Also, its out-of-box settings are dodgy, and you must spend a lot of time adjusting each option.

Every other element was trimmed down, aside from the in terms of aesthetics screen, in terms of aesthetics. The stand is pretty and slim, complementing the overall look of the monitor.

3. ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR 27” Gaming Monitor


Featuring a 165Hz refresh rate and 1440p resolution, this Asus Rog gaming monitor is a sight to behold. If cost is no option and your PC runs on a GPU from Nvidia, this may be your ideal pick. 

This 27-inch monitor forms clear, crisp images that can enhance your gaming experience. I know how to run a game on high settings, only to look bad due to a monitor with dull colors. Thankfully, the PG278QR won’t have these issues.

The material consists of black plastic, so there is nothing special. Still, it has integrated cooling air vents that prevent overheating.

If you’re going to invest some money in a gaming setup, don’t waste it by not having a monitor with G-SYNC. The look and feel of each game will be incredible.

4. ASUS MG28UQ 4K/UHD 28-Inch Gaming Monitor


If you are looking for an Ultra HD gaming monitor but don’t want to break the bank, look no further than the Asus MG28UQ. If your video card is up to it, this would be the perfect fit for your desktop setup. 

This monitor features the essential DisplayPort firmware that enables adaptive sync between a 40-60Hz value. In general, this monitor is a more accessible alternative to the standard ROG (Republic of Gamers) line.

The materials might be a little cheaper, yet you can expect a long lifespan from this product.

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The monitor stand is sturdy and can be adjusted to match your height and desk setup. An internal power supply for the monitor was included as well. 

Minor grievances include mediocre contrast settings and a general undertaking with default settings. 

Overall, this product offers top-shelf quality for a midrange price. It’s a bargain for any gamer.

5. LG 24UD58-B 24-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor

LG 24UD58-B

If you’re not hunting for a bargain, you’re not doing your job as a consumer. The LG 24UD58-B is an affordable Ultra HD monitor with Freesync capabilities that result in crisper and smoother gameplay. It incorporates an AMD GP that cuts motion blur even for regular HD frames.

The bezels are a little more noticeable than you would like, but it’s a small price to pay for a cheap 4K monitor with Freesync.

Both the stand and the monitor body are made from black plastic. In terms of visual quality, it stands toe-to-toe with way more expensive models. The texture is sharp, the color is vibrant, and the images look great from all angles.

Overall this is a solid choice for a gamer on a budget who wants a comparable experience to other high-end monitors.

6. LG 34GN850-B 34 Inch 21: 9 UltraGear Curved Monitor

LG 34GN850-B

Features: (3440 x 1440) 1ms Nano IPS Gaming Monitor with 144Hz and G-SYNC Compatibility – Black (34GN850-B)

The LG 34GN850-B is a versatile monitor that can be used for both entertainment and online work. It boasts an impressive 3440x1440p resolution with clear, crisp images. The monitor has a slight curve, and it has a great response and refresh rate.

This product has both G-SYNC and FreeSync capabilities. Still, it does not fare well in extremely bright or dim environments. The colors are beautiful in normal conditions, as the monitor supports sRGB and HDR. 

Overall, this product has excellent response time, clear images, a good default calibration, and almost non-existent input latency.

7. Acer Predator XB321HK 32-Inch Monitor

Acer Predator XB321HK

Features: IPS UHD (3840 x 2160) NVIDIA G-Sync Widescreen Display (2 x 2w speakers, 4- USB 3.0 Ports, HDMI & Display Port),Black

Some products catch your eye. The AcerPredator XB321HK is such an item, as it manages to put out a sleek design and a ton of power to back it up.

You can use it for gaming, photo editing, office work, or any other activity involving a screen.

It offers G-Sync capabilities to keep your framerate smooth and crisp. Once you’ve played a game at 3840 x 2160 resolution, you will not want to look back. 

This monitor is on the larger side, so if you are looking for a top-end, pricey, 32-inch screen that never disappoints, the Acer Predator XB321HK may be the option.

8. LG 27″ Screen LED-lit Monitor

LG 27" Screen

Features: TV/LCD Screen Cleaning Kit, Xtreme 6 Outlet Power Strip & 2x General Brand HDMI to HDMI Cable 6.’

If you are a gamer or your profession requires you to work with high-quality graphics and images, you deserve to treat yourself to the LG 27UD68-P Screen Led-Lit monitor. 

While most screens can get the job done, this product makes the color pop without giving them an unrealistic effect. There will be no screen tearing due to refresh rate incompatibility, given that the FreeSync feature was integrated.

The monitor can also detect playing in a darkened area and selectively raises the brightness to compensate. 

It has low input lag, multiple gaming profiles, PIP, and a special cleaning kit. Overall, this is a good deal for any gamer.

9. Samsung U28E590D 28-Inch 4k UHD LED-Lit Monitor

Samsung U28E590D

The Samsung U28E590D is not a screen beast, nor does it look like a specialized gaming monitor. This monitor is functional, affordable, and the type of screen you get if you want a well-rounded, all-purpose desktop PC station.

For office work, this is one of the best choices on the market. 

It can be a poor choice for viewing movies from afar, given that it has narrow viewing angles. It is a sizable monitor with a high resolution, yet the image quality is mid-tier.

Still, given its price and ease of use, it can be a good bargain. 

10. Acer Predator XB271HU

Acer Predator XB271HU

Features: bmiprz 27″ WQHD (2560×1440) NVIDIA G-SYNC IPS Monitor, (Display Port & HDMI Port, 144Hz), Black

The Acer Predator XB271HU is a top-tier gaming monitor that can also be used for photo and video editing, office work, or movie viewing. It has a standard 144Hz refresh rate, but it is possible to overclock it to 165Hz. G-sync capabilities were integrated as well. 

If motion blurs bother you, do not worry about the XB271HU Nvidia ULMB capabilities. The only major downside is that the factory calibration is non-existent, so you will have to spend time adjusting your settings.

You will not feel any input lag, and it is possible to brighten darker areas in games via the Dark Boost function.

11. LG 27UK650-W

LG 27UK650-W

Features: 27 Inch 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor with HDR 10 and Adjustable Stand

Finally, we have a monitor with good viewing angles that don’t require you to be right next to it to get your money’s worth.

This screen is a well-rounded product that can suit gamers, graphics designers, cinephiles, or other PC owners. HDR support is integrated, yet the color variety seems a bit limited. Still, this downside is compensated by its 4K resolution, which will look incredible with most games. 

It is sizable, so it facilitates productive work and multitasking. Input lag is almost non-existent.

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