What Equipment Is Needed for Baseball?(Complete Guide)

By Mike Lynch

July 21, 2021

Baseball, the “National Pastime” of the United States, remains one of the most popular sports in America. Perhaps we like to hit things; maybe it’s all the hotdogs, or maybe it has something to do with every home run’s heavy thud and unrestrained arc.

Below is an equipment guide needed for baseball players.

Equipment Needed for BaseballEquipment
The KitBaseball cap, Jersey, Pants, Socks, Baseball cleats
AccessoriesSunglasses Baseball Mitt, Chest protector, Catcher’s mask, Catcher’s helmet, Batting helmet, Leg guards Gloves Baseball Bat
Training Equipment (optional)Pitching machine, Batting tee, Hitting the net

So, you’re curious about playing baseball? Or maybe you’d like to find out a little more. Whether you are a rookie, pro, adult, junior, student, or company, we can help set you up for the game. We have put together a list of items that are essential for every Baseball player:

Equipment Needed

Buying a suitable baseball kit can be a minefield. There are so many options open to everyone these days, and making the right choice means knowing what’s best for you. The clothes you wear, even when training, are an essential part of helping you move and keeping you safe.

We’ve put together a brief baseball kit buying guide to help you get started. Whether you’re searching for the right socks, undershirt, or cleats, it’s good to know your options.

Baseball Cap

Nowhere in ‘The Official Rules of Baseball’ explicitly says you must wear a baseball cap. However, the rules state that all team members must wear the same uniform.

Most interpret that the whole team should wear a cap or no one should. The cap’s brim affords a shield against the sun and lets the player have a clear field of vision, which is vital when a ball is flying their way. Bear in mind that some batted balls can travel over 100 mph and might cause severe injuries if the players cannot correctly see the ball.

The Adidas Cap is an excellent option for anyone starting. It comes in a wide variety of colors to match your local club’s colors, has built-in SPF 50, and a non-glare under the visor, which is great when you’re out in the sun.


It’s undeniable that the baseball jersey is one of the smartest in sports, but they do more than looking good. Since they were first invented in 1849, the baseball jersey has had many style changes and is now made in vibrant colors and synthetic materials.

They have become an essential part of heat control with breathable fabrics to keep players cool and moisture-wicking linings to keep players dry.


Many of you might recognize the undershirt from Zac Efron’s days in High School Musical, and it has since become a piece of fashion wear. But it’s a practical piece of baseball uniform worn under the jersey.

The iconic sleeve pattern is that way to allow unrestricted arm movement, which is super essential when swinging a bat or reaching out to grab a ball. 

You may be wondering why a player would wear a T-Shirt underneath their jersey, and it is to keep their arms and shoulders warm. Your arms have tremendous force in baseball, and you want your muscles prepared for that. 

Cotton undershirts are great for entry-level players; the cotton is breathable but warm to keep those shoulders performing to the max. 


They say “the pants make the player,” and it’s easy to understand why. The thought of sliding along the pitch to tap base without the proper protection might make you wince. It would be best if you had baseball pants that protect your legs and last a long time. And, of course, you want them to look good.

The baseball pants from Under Armour are very much in demand as they are made from highly durable polyester. They can endure a lot of wear and tear, even if you are a player who slides all over the field trying to snag balls and line drives.


Socks are an integral part of your baseball kit. If you were to run around without socks, you would get blisters from your foot sliding around in your shoe.

Baseball players’ feet go through an intense impact and pressure that the right sock can protect you from. Socks even have a part to play in muscle stamina with the proper support around the ankle and calf.

These TCK Performance Socks tick every box for what a baseball sock needs to do. The compression around the calf provides support, a breathable mesh built right into the fabric, and DRY-IQ moisture control technology controls sweat and odor.

If you want to see how baseball players wear their socks, read here.

Baseball Cleats

There are not many rules surrounding cleats in baseball, but in 2019, the MLB relaxed the rules around the range of colors players can have on their cleats.

Regardless of color, cleats are an indispensable part of playing baseball outside because of the grass (whatever time of year). The studs on the sole of the shoe help dig into the ground to keep grip and stop you from slipping.

No one wants a pulled hamstring in the middle of a match that’ll knock you out of playing for a few months while it heals.

We’ve found the Adidas Afterburner Baseball Shoe a perfect cleat for outdoor baseball, which works excellently on natural and artificial turf. The low-cut collar around the ankle allows for freedom of movement while giving you support and stability. The flexible rubber sole, with studs, offers maximum traction and control at high speeds.


You still need some vital bits alongside your kit to get you started with baseball. Most people find it helpful to have dedicated items for their sport, they get used a lot, and you will chucking them about.

They’re not there to look pretty; they are there to get a job done. You want quality items that will stand up to a bit of brute force. Whether you’re playing shortstop or the outfield, these accessories can help you.


Sunglasses are often used by players while playing and training for baseball. It helps you avoid direct sun rays shining straight into your eyes. Baseball’s usually played during the summer months, where glare from the sun can get in the way of seeing what’s going on.

Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays and stop glare so you can see the ball and your team’s signals.

These Franklin Sports Baseball sunglasses have that essential UV protection built-in and have the added feature of flipping up if you need to look around without them on quickly.

Along with sunglasses, some baseball players may wear chains to add to their look.

Baseball Glove

To understand why the baseball glove has become an essential accessory for playing baseball, we need to look at why it was invented. As the game developed and players improved their skills and techniques, baseballs began to be swung through the air at tremendous speeds, which meant many broken bones in people’s hands.

Now most players wouldn’t dream of playing field without one; they absorb a lot of shock through the padding and increase the surface area of your hand to help you catch the ball.

The Franklin Sports Baseball Glove is a fine entry-level glove with everything you need. It can easily be adjusted to fit your hand and caters to right and left-handed people. You’ll want to have your glove for practice and play. Sharing gloves quickly becomes gross, and the smell sticks to your hands for days.

Protective equipment

  • Chest Protector – Batting vests were developed to help protect against an incredibly rare but often fatal condition known as “Sudden Cardiac Death.” It can occur when someone is heavily hit with a blunt object. The likelihood of that increases in baseball because of the pace of the ball coming towards you.
  • Catcher’s Mask – The traditional catcher’s mask has been around for as long as anyone can remember. The two-piece catcher’s masks are popular because they are pretty cheap, easy to take off when it comes to in-game play and provide more ventilation. The Champro Catcher’s Mask is affordable but solid. It was built with a solid steel wire frame that extends past your ears and throat for protection and is cushioned around the brow and chin to absorb impact.
  • Catcher’s Helmet – Helmet-style catcher masks have grown in popularity over the past decade. Now, the majority of the Major league uses this style of mask. The amount of protection one of these provides is unparalleled, which you need as catching is one of the most vulnerable positions in baseball. However, they are more expensive than the traditional mask; the Schutt 2966 Air Maxx Catch Helmet is the most affordable we’ve found that ticks all the boxes a helmet needs to. It has fuller protection around the face, eyes, and ears and is pretty stable while on your head
  • Batting Helmet – It’s not surprising that one of the most significant safety concerns for a batsman is protecting against concussions. If you are confident in your helmet, you are confident out on the field. Plus, playing out in 100-degree heat with poor ventilation could spell disaster.
  • Leg Guard – These come in really handy for players who have a tendency to slice the ball downwards into their lower body. A popular guard is the EvoShield Leg guard because of its Gel-to-Shell technology, which transforms from soft and flexible to hard and protective in minutes.


Baseball players wear batting gloves regularly at different levels for several reasons. During the summer, your hands tend to sweat, and wearing batting gloves, will help you grip the bat. In the winter, batting gloves can help limit vibration, which is a lifesaver.

Not wearing gloves in colder weather can result in sore and even fractured fingers. Some batting gloves, such as these Franklin batting gloves, are sticky, which helps you control the bat, and are heavy-duty enough to last longer.

Baseball Bat

When you first start practicing baseball with a team, you probably use the bats they already have, and that’s fine.

Those who are more serious about their baseball journey will want their own to use when they choose. You wake up, have a free day, and you fancy going out to a local field and popping a few shots; you’ll need your boat.

For most people, a great starter bat is an aluminum bat like the KOTIONOK Baseball Bat because the material is lighter and the barrels are bigger. Additionally, the hardness and resilience can offer much greater speeds when the ball pops off the bat. 

Training Equipment

There are some pieces of equipment you’ll want at home to keep up your practice for those who are serious about your baseball training.

Their function? They increase your coordination, maneuvering, and performance.  Whether you aim to train in the field or grow as a circuit slugger in the batter’s box, they’ll assist you in meeting and exceeding your goals as long as you bring dedication. And that’ll mean more wins for you and your team.

Pitching Machine

Baseball is a sport built on athletes’ ability to train together. After 2020, we all know that’s not always possible. While a pitching machine cannot replace the experience of practicing with your team, it does serve an important function.

It allows you to Hone and refine your batting stroke without the presence of a pitcher. Condition your batting skills by repeatedly striking balls and improving hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and agility.

When looking for a pitching machine, you want one with adjustable speeds and the ability to change angles. The BaseHit pitching machine is an excellent option for all abilities. With speeds ranging from 10-80 MPH and adjustable angles for hitting fast ground balls or high pop flies.

Batting Tee

The tee is one of the most reliable ways to sharpen your swing as a hitter. The can be a stigma from t-ball that says you should outgrow it, but that’s not the case. Big league hitters work off the tee regularly to keep their mechanics clean and crisp. The Tanner Tee is the original tee that pro trainers are still using. It’s fully adjustable and has a hand-rolled rubber ball rest that allows the hitter to feel the ball and not the tee when striking.

Hitting Net

Of course, if you’re using a battling tee or a pitching machine, you’ll need a hitting net. The last thing you want is baseballs flying out of your backyard and through the neighbors’ window or your own. It is better to spend out on a net than the cost of having angry neighbors.

The GoSports 7’x7’ net has everything you need; it’s huge and fully collapsible. Perfect for players in batting practice, pitching, fielding, and backstop use.


While chains aren’t essential for players, it increases the overall look. Most MLB players will wear chains on top of their jerseys to flash their “bling.”

Before purchasing, we recommend checking with your league rules as some may not allow chains. However, most leagues will enable the chains to be worn.

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