How To Choose The Right Size Screw For A Lacrosse Head

By Alex Mercer

November 22, 2019

Lacrosse heads are connected to the shaft via a screw. This tiny screw plays a significant part in ensuring both the head and shaft stay connected throughout the game. It’s what locks the head in place and allows the player to throw and receive the ball.

Due to the natural impact of playing lacrosse, players’ stick heads will naturally come loose. The lacrosse stick consistently throws and catches the ball at high speeds, which causes sudden movements within the entire stick.

The screw at the top of the stick will, over time, become loose or start to wear down. Before we dive into what lacrosse screws we’ll need, let’s first figure out where the screws are located.

Where Are The Screws Located On A Lacrosse Stick?

The screw on a lacrosse shaft is often located where the lacrosse head and the shaft meet. It can be removed using a Phillips head or flat head screwdriver.

Here’s a photo for your reference of where the lacrosse screw is:

lacrosse screws stick location

As you can see, the screw is located right where most of the contact is made on the stick. For this reason, the screw may become worn out or stripped over time.

If this happens, we’ll need to purchase new screws and install them properly.

What Size Screw For Lacrosse Heads?

lacrosse screws

The size screw that you’re looking for when replacing your current screw is a 1/8-inch screw. This type of screw can be found at a local hardware store.

However, we recommend purchasing the screw directly from Amazon from brands that make lacrosse sticks or work directly in the industry. This way, you’re able to get a screw that matches the color of your stick, but you know it’ll fit perfectly. Hardware stores may have slight alterations to their screws.

We’ve found this great deal where you can get a 30 pack of screws for relatively cheap. This bag itself should last you years, even if you’re an aggressive player.

If you’re looking for more of an all-in-one solution, Warrior has a great “stick repair” tool kit that has all the bells and whistles to repair a stick.

lacrosse stick repair kit

This kit is excellent for lacing and stick repair and is small enough to be stored in a backpack. Take this lacrosse repair kit anywhere to ensure you’re stuck is always ready for play.

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What Causes Lacrosse Screws To Fall Out Or Wear Down?

Typically weather and wear and tear causes lacrosse screws to fall out. These reasons also can cause a lacrosse screw to fall out:

  • Simply shooting, passing, or receiving the ball will cause an impact on the lacrosse head.
  • Due to the rules of players being able to make contact with another player, the lacrosse head could get caught or tangled up with another player. This may cause bending of the head and the screw.
  • Contact with the ground of scooping and defending the ball may also alter the stick.
  • Simply playing in bad weather could cause rust to the screw

The screw that goes into the lacrosse head is a significant part of connecting the head and the shaft. Especially for players who like to work on their stick frequently, whether lacing it or simply cleaning the head, it’s easier to take the screw out.


Lacrosse screws are best purchased online but may be purchased at a hardware store. We recommend purchasing the 30-pack of screws that can be found on Amazon; you’ll never have to worry about screws again.

Amazon also has a great variety of lacrosse screws to match your stick or head color.

The small screw is a small piece of hardware that makes a big difference for any player that’s ever had a loose lacrosse head or a shaft that makes a click sound. Purchase lacrosse screws to ensure there is no interference with the play on the field.

What screws do you use to make sure the head and shaft don’t rattle? Let us know in the comments below what works best for you when constructing your lacrosse stick.

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