How To Fix a Wobbly or Loose Lacrosse head

By Alex Mercer

November 27, 2019

Lacrosse heads can become wobbly or loose from the consistent contact they make with either a player or the ball. Loose lacrosse heads throw off both the timing and direction of the lacrosse throw.

It’s important to check your stick before every practice to ensure you’re practicing at maximum efficiency daily. Fixing the loose or wobbly lacrosse head only before games will throw off timing during practice. As the old saying goes, “You practice as you play.”

How To Fix A Wobbly Or Loose Lacrosse Head

Lacrosse’s heads are connected to the shaft via a screw (see picture below).

lacrosse stick head

The screw keeps the lacrosse head firmly in place when screwed in tight.

When a lacrosse head feels loose, it’s often because the screw is either stripped or loose. There are a few simple ways to fix the wobbly or loose lacrosse head.

Get A New Screw

If the screw is started to become stripped ( in other words, worn down), purchasing a new screw will help fix the issue. We’ve found a pack of 30 lacrosse screws on Amazon for a low price that should last you a few seasons.

If you’re looking to choose the right screw for your lacrosse head, we’ve written this article that will help you better understand how to disassemble your current stick and reassemble it with the proper screw.

Tighten Your Current Screw

Tightening your current screw is more than likely the case for why your lacrosse head is wobbly.

The best tool for fixing a wobbly screw is finding a Phillips head screwdriver that will securely tighten the screw. If you’re not looking to carry a screwdriver around all the time, we found this stick repair kit from Warrior that has a nice carrying case. It has pliers, netting, laces, a screwdriver, and more.

Tighten The String On The Lacrosse Head

The consistent impact of the ball hitting the lacrosse head can cause a loss of the netting and the strings. Always double-check to ensure the “loose” feeling isn’t just lace.

Tightening the string on the lacrosse head can give the head a more firm feel. Double-check the lacing on the stick as well as the screws to fix a wobbly or loose lacrosse head.

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Use Tape Before Screwing The Stick In

This is a great trick to stop the annoying rattle of the stick. Here is a video by former MLL star Paul Rabil on ways he stops the rattle.

Fixing the lacrosse stick with tape:

  • Unscrew the screw that connects the shaft and the head
  • Wrap tape around the end where the shaft meets the stick. This will provide a stable base and less wiggle room for the empty space on the head to move around. It will also stop the annoying clicking sound on the lacrosse stick.
  • Slide the head back onto the shaft, screw the screw back in, and the rattle should be gone.

Drill A New Hole

If you’re consistently getting a rattling sound or loose/wobbly head, even after you’ve tried all of the options above, you may want to drill a new hole for the screw.

The self-made hole can be manipulated to fix the screw so it hugs the shaft without any issue. This is, of course, a worst-case scenario, but it could be a temporary fix for the loose shaft issue.


Fixing a wobbly or loose lacrosse head can seem like a major issue for young players who aren’t sure what’s causing the issue. Simply follow the steps above to dissect the issue.

We recommend drilling a hole in the shaft being the last and worst case scenario. More than likely, the fix will be just adding tape to the shaft of the stick or purchasing a new screw. Simple and easy fix!

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