Can You Wear Earrings And Jewelry In Softball? Learn Here

By Alex Mercer

November 14, 2019

Jewelry is often worn outside the sport of softball, whether on the wrist, around the neck, or as a nose ring. Players who wear this jewelry all day, every day, are reluctant to take it off, mainly if it acts as a good luck charm.

Jewelry and earrings are not allowed in softball. Players must remove all jewelry before the game starts.

It’s essential to check with your local rules, as they may overrule and allow small earrings. However, it’s generally advised that no jewelry be worn for the player’s safety and the opponent’s.

We will break down each piece of jewelry that a player can or can’t wear to ensure there are no arguments between you and the umpire before the game.

Is Jewelry Allowed In Softball?

According to the USSSA ( United States Specialty Sports Association)

JEWELRY (Youth only – 18 & Under and younger) Exposed jewelry, which is judged by the umpire as dangerous, is not permitted and must be removed. Medical alert items are not considered jewelry. If worn, they must be taped to the body so medical alert information remains visible. Flat, unadorned items with no sharp edges or points, such as bobby pins, barrettes, and hair clips (no longer than 2 inches) may be worn as hair control devices. Coaches wristbands (play indicators) are legal but must be worn as designed when batting.

This is the base rule in all softball leagues. Essentially what it’s saying in plain English is that it’s entirely up to the umpire if they will allow the jewelry to be worn.

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Hairpieces like bobby pins, barrettes, and hair clips may be worn to keep the player’s hair in place.

Umpires may make players tape loose jewelry in worst-case scenarios so nothing is exposed.

Can You Wear Earrings In Softball?

According to the USSSA, they have loosened their stance on earrings, the most unique studded earrings. According to their bylaws:

Jewelry Rule – Modified so as to allow stud earrings, while continuing to prohibit dangling hoops, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. judged by the umpire to be dangerous. Also requires batters to wear play indicators as they were designed to be worn.

Studded earrings are typically allowed in softball. The umpire, however, has the last say in whether the earrings can be allowed. If the umpire does not allow the earrings, they may make the player put tape over the earrings or remove the earnings for the game’s entirety.

Can You Wear A Nose Ring In Softball?

Nose rings, whether studded, a nose ring, or a “bull ring,” are more common in today’s jewelry world.

Nose rings, similar to earrings, are at the umpire’s discretion. Players may get away with the studded nose ring, as no sharp objects are exposed to you or the opponent. Typically, umpires will rule against the nose ring ( or any jewelry).

Nose rings (with the hoop) are a different story. There’s a higher chance that the nose ring will be deemed illegal because of the safety measures. In other words, be prepared to remove the hoop from your nose.

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Can You Wear Bracelets In Softball?

Bracelets, such as jewelry or even “Livestrong” bracelets, are again up to the umpire and team rules. Typically, umpires will prohibit any bracelets from being worn. This includes even the smallest of wrist-wear. This has been pretty consistent across the softball landscape.

One thing that is allowed on the wrist, however, is the call sheet. Many pitchers will get a signal from their coach on what pitch to throw. Players who are superstitious about wearing bracelets may wear a bracelet under the armband. However, it may be uncomfortable.

What Tape Should I Use To Cover My Jewelry?

It’s always handy to have tape in your softball bag if an umpire makes you cover up your jewelry (if you don’t want to take it off). Athletic tape will stay on firmly the whole time and not be a distraction.

We recommend getting a simple roll of athletic tape, which can be stored in the bag for later use. We found this cheap roll of tape for you, which is great for all sports, not just softball.

Cover the earrings, nose ring, or bracelet with this tape. Umpires will typically allow you to cover up the jewelry. If not, they may tell you to remove it entirely and leave it in your bag.


Jewelry in softball is often prohibited; however, the rules are becoming more lenient.

In our professional opinion, we would advise against wearing any jewelry during a softball game. Not only could you break the expensive piece of jewelry, but it also adds no benefit to your performance. Earrings can only push back into your head, nose rings could get lost, and bracelets can hinder and annoy the throwing motion.

We recommend putting the jewelry in a safe spot at home and then re-insert it when you return from the game. This way, the jewelry cant be lost, stolen, or broken.

Generally, playing the sport at full speed is always safer without worrying about a piece of jewelry falling off. There’s no reason to wear it while trying to chase after a softball.

Earrings or any ankle bracelets should be removed. A ball could hit the earring, which could press into your head. The ankle bracelet could fall off when sliding into the next base. A handful of situations can occur while wearing jewelry; we recommend getting away from all of those situations.

How does your league handle jewelry regulations? Do they allow you to wear a certain kind or disband all jewelry? In the comment sections below, let us know what state you play in that allows the jewelry to be permitted on the diamond.

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