6 Best Softball Bat Bags

By Alex Mercer

April 13, 2022

Due to the variety of softball bat bags in the marketplace, it is not unusual to be confused regarding which softball bat bag you should go for. Whether you play softball in your town or spend many weekends traveling from metropolis to city playing a couple of games over the weekend, you’ll want an excellent softball bat bag. 

Are you looking for the top softball bat bag for softball in the marketplace? If you replied yes, you’re lucky because you’ve arrived at the most excellent possible spot. We’re right here to prevent time and stress from reading infinite reviews.

However, depending on your playstyle and equipment needs, the type of bag you wish to get will be unique from others. The decision isn’t the same as you and the team purchasing the same bags for all gamers. But that might not be the case now if you’re analyzing this. This article will discuss the best softball bat bags for specific uses, so read on to learn! 

Which Are The Best Softball Bat Bags? 

There are many different types of top-quality softball bat bags. Here are the best softball bat bags that we recommend.

Our Top Pick
Boombah Superpack Bat Pack -Backpack Version (No Wheels)
  • 2 side bat compartments hold up to 4 bats.
  • Overall dimensions: 23.5"x13.5"x9.5
  • Backpack version - no wheels for rolling
DeMarini Voodoo Rebirth Baseball Backpack - Charcoal
  • Large main compartment fits helmet, glove and gear
  • Molded barrel lock neoprene bat sleeves hold up to 2 bats
  • Fleece lined cell phone pocket and vented shoe compartment
  • Durable J style fence hook
  • Composite treated waterproof base material
EASTON WALK-OFF PRO Bat & Equipment Backpack Bag, Black
  • DESIGNED WITH A MOLDED EXTERNAL HELMET HOLDER so you have more room for your gear inside the bag
  • SEPARATE, PADDED LAPTOP COMPARTMENT protects your computer from the rest of your gear
  • VENTED SHOE COMPARTMENT is separate from other compartments to protect your gear
  • TWO FULLY LINED, protective bat sleeves with personal zippered pockets
  • PADDED BACK AND SHOULDER straps for comfort
  • SPORT UTILITY DUAL ZIPPER DESIGN with fence hook for dugout functionality
  • DIMENSIONS: 22"H X 14.8"W X 10.25"D

1. Boombah Superpack

Boombah Superpack

It constitutes a large baseball equipment bag, specifically incredible for softball. Boombah super pack bags are made from heavy-duty materials, enabling the bag’s integrity in critical locations, like zippers, straps, hooks, and bottoms. These bags have a separate shoe compartment, so the rest of your gear doesn’t get dirty or sweaty from your dust-caked cleats. 

Also, you can store four bats in general with this rolling softball bat bag in separate cubicles. A telescopic management and heavy obligation wheels work collectively to make this bag easy to carry to the field. The wheels are designed to overcome any floor.

To crown it, the Boombah Superpack has a scale of 23.5″ x 13.5″ x 9.5″, which provides sufficient space for you.

2. DeMarini Voodoo Rebirth

DeMarini Voodoo Rebirth

The Demarini Voodoo Rebirth Backpack Bat Bag is a personal favorite for its price and quality.

It is an entirely solidly built bat bag with enough room for all your tools (so long as you aren’t a catcher). One of this bag’s favorite components is the pocket for the bats.

If you’ve ever tried other bat bags, you’ll know that some wallets are too short, and your bat swings around, hitting other people on the head as you move. However, that isn’t always the case right here! 

Also, the bag is available in unique colorings to fit your team. If you have been to a softball match, you have walked past these bags.

3. DeMarini Unique Ops (Wheeled)

If money isn’t an issue and you need a nice softball bat bag, DeMarini’s Ops Wheeled softball Bag is the answer. So, what exactly does a high-end, expensive softball bat bag bring to the table?

This one-of-a-kind Ops wheeled backpack features an armored bat compartment that can store and protect up to seven bats. This chamber is long enough to form 34-inch bats. This top-nice-wheeled baseball bag’s tough covering provides unsurpassed durability and protection from mishaps.

The “Everyone” compartment isn’t well-built for protection and storage. Still, it is customizable to the player’s specific demands, allowing the bag to be tailored to fit the necessary garage space.

The bag also has an internal valuables wallet and a fleece-covered smartphone pouch.

The primary compartment is more than adequate for the catcher’s system. The changeable functions of these booths make it simple to select the ideal storage configuration for all of this equipment.

A ventilated shoe compartment may also be removed and easily washed.

4. Easton Walk-Off IV

Easton Walk-Off IV

The Easton stroll-Off IV Bat has a front sling for the player’s helmet, a ventilated footwear/cleats compartment, two bat sleeves, and a valuables pouch.

Because the helmet is held in front, there is more room in the main compartment for other gear, allowing this apex bat bag to provide fantastic garage possibilities.

The game-utility twin zipper feature guarantees these crucial components shut for longer. The fence hook also adds to the bag’s longevity by keeping it off the ground and away from dirt and damage.

The Easton Walk-Off IV comes in sixteen different color combinations; this is the best softball or baseball bag for shapes and customization.

5. DeMarini Momentum (Wheeled)

DeMarini Momentum

The all-new DeMarini Momentum Wheeled Baseball, or softball bat Bag, has plenty of room for your bats, gloves, cleats, and other protective gear while also being lightweight and simple to transfer to and from the field.

This bag has supporting sleeves that accommodate up to four bats, two inner shelves to help isolate equipment, a side accessory pocket for minor items, and robust inline wheels for smooth rolling. 

Summarily, DeMarini Momentum Wheeled comes with the following.  

  • 36″ L x 12″ W x 12″ H – Bat sleeves accommodate four bats
  • Two inside shelves provide separation
  • Interior support bracket
  • An inside L bracket aids in preventing bag blowouts
  • Inline wheels for a smooth roll
  • Detachable decorative panel

6. Athletico Softball Bag

Athletico Softball Bag

The Athletico Softball Tote Bag is intended to hold two bats, a helmet, batting gloves, a cap, a baseball glove, and any other small items you might need on the field, such as sunglasses or a dugout snack.

This economically priced softball bat bag is ideal for younger players who don’t want to spend too much money on a high-end softball bag.

However, the bag’s high-quality fabric is made to shut throughout long seasons; after all, you don’t compromise any durability in this much less expensive bag.

The bag is offered in four colors: red, a high-quality, low-cost softball bat bag; blue, a high-quality, low-cost softball bat bag; and green, a high-quality, low-cost softball bag. It also has a fence hook for simple access into the dugout and keeps it off the ground.


To conclude, searching for good softball bat bags can be difficult. Indeed, there are many options, but browsing softball bat bag reviews may be challenging. But, with the right advice and shopping guidebook recommendations, it may be a much smoother and less aggravating.

If you’ve taken in all of the information in this post, including the pinnacle softball bag reviews, you’ll be more than ready to find your ideal baseball or softball bat bag.

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