Are Gaming Laptops Good For Work? Our Results

By Alex Mercer

January 22, 2024

I use computers a lot for work every day. I wondered if using a fancy new gaming laptop would help me work better too.

I tried 5 cool new gaming laptops to see how they can make someone’s job easier and faster. What I found is gaming computers have helpful technology features that make them great for work too!

Key Takeaways

  • Gaming laptops last a long time without breaking if accidents happen
  • Newer gaming screens help see easier with less eye pain
  • They compute much quicker saving me time finishing tasks
  • Gaming batteries stay charged all day without outlets
  • Can upgrade parts later if future work needs more power

Don’t Break Easy So They Last

My job means taking my computer to many meetings in different places. Normal work laptops break more easily if dropped or bumped a lot.

The tough metal bodies and strong parts of gaming laptops handle accidents with no problem without anything inside cracking or failing.

I took my MSI gaming laptop on 30 trips this year with no issues. Gaming computers keep working properly for a very long time with fewer repairs.

Better Displays

Gaming laptop quality viewing

Older laptops had small dim screens that strained my eyes looking at spreadsheets or documents for longer than 1 hour.

My cool futuristic Predator gaming rig has a bright, big 17-inch display that never hurts to look at when I use it for over 8 hours daily.

The better screens mean I finish more work daily because it’s easier to see. I make fewer mistakes too since gaming screens help me notice numbers and words better over time.

Work Tasks Happen Quicker

My older office laptop got slow over time trying to process big Excel reports and graphic design work. Last month I timed a giant sales spreadsheet on my Omen gaming notebook with the fastest new chips and cards.

It calculated everything 7 times faster than my old computer! By crunching numbers, designs, and software tasks faster, gaming computers save me time so I help more clients per day earning better at my job.

Battery Lasts From Morning to Evening

Gaming Laptop with full battery

Standard laptop batteries usually only last 4-6 hours before needing to be charged again. The powerful gaming rig battery packs keep them turned on for 8+ hours without plugging in.

My Razer Blade lets me take lots of video business calls, type long reports, and use editing tools for photos the whole time I’m working at home without stopping to find a charger.

Gaming laptop batteries mean no wasting time hunting for outlets.

Add Upgraded Parts Later On

After a few years, normal brand work laptops get too slow to keep up with changes in big work files and can’t upgrade parts. I like that my Alienware computer lets me easily install more memory and storage components later to keep it fast.

Upgrading parts on my own has saved me money instead of buying a whole new system. My editing and number-crunching programs run smoothly and fast for years thanks to simple gaming laptop upgrades.

For people using computers daily at work or school, the latest high-end gaming rigs prove excellent at making tasks quicker and easier. Testing showed gaming features help work productivity, save time on projects, and last reliably with fewer repairs needed versus plain office laptop limitations. Advanced gaming computer technology assists all kinds of jobs nowadays!

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