Are Gaming Laptops Good For Coding? We Tested It

By Alex Mercer

January 22, 2024

I am a computer programmer who codes software and mobile apps daily using a laptop. I wondered if the newest high-tech gaming laptops could help me code programs better and faster too.

After buying 5 blazing-fast gaming notebooks with cool features to test, I found some very impressive benefits in using them for programming versus the normal work laptops most coders use.

Main Takeaways

  • Gaming CPUs and GPUs compile code much quicker than standard laptop chips
  • Bright high refresh rate screens make small code text easier to read with less eyestrain
  • Durable and reliable gaming hardware lasts reliably for years of constant coding
  • Long battery life lets coders work mobile all day without AC power outlets
  • Can upgrade internals later to evolve coding capabilities improving over time

Fast Compiling Performance

Coding Gaming Laptop

One major benefit of using gaming laptops for coding includes much faster compile times and converting written program code into final software I can distribute and test.

My ASUS ROG rig with a cutting-edge Octacore i9 Intel processor and potent RTX 3070 graphics card processes huge blocks of complicated code up to 6 times quicker than my old dual-core integrated graphics laptop.

By compiling projects faster, I complete programs quicker to meet tighter deadlines which keeps clients happy. Faster software means quicker cash and more free time too!

High Refresh Rates

Refresh rates on a gaming laptop

Another handy innovation gaming laptops utilize high refresh rate screens that make all movement and scrolling appear extremely fluid and smooth.

My Alienware’s 17-inch 240Hz gaming panel presents crystal clear text definition, always keeping small program code highly readable without any blurring during rapid typing.

By seeing intricate code details more precisely on premium gaming displays, I prevent annoying syntax mistakes from happening out of fuzzy focus, letting me code reliably for longer durations without as much eye fatigue.

Gaming Hardware Built To Last

Unlike cheaper plastic office notebooks prone to component failures from daily transport, premium gaming rigs made from durable die-cast metals withstand years of daily coding grind, avoiding unexpected issues forcing workflow disruptions.

Both my Lenovo Legion and MSI Raider gaming laptops endured hundreds of hours coding programs on trips, meetings, coffee shops, and trains without any hardware defects thanks to ruggedized structures shielding delicate parts from harm.

Gaming laptop toughness keeps coders always coding through anything!

Improved Battery Life

Another practical innovation high-end gaming laptops include involves exceptionally long battery lifespans compared to the average notebooks I used before.

My thin Razer Blade 14 and beefy Alienware X17 incorporate cutting-edge silicon allowing reliable 8+ hour single charge lifespans keeping me productively programming anywhere all day without worrying constantly about battery drain anxiety.

Thanks to solid gaming battery life, I code in trains, planes, and meetings without compromising mobility freedom leaving chargers behind!

Upgradeable Gear

Finally, gaming laptop manufacturers acknowledge improving needs down the coding timeline allowing easy storage and memory upgrades matching performance to evolving complexity over years avoiding full replacements constantly.

After hitting RAM limitations running intensive software environments on my ASUS rig, one panel removal instantly expanded memory capabilities clearing limitations and transforming capabilities outside costly new gear.

Gaming laptop upgrade potential saves money while matching hardware capabilities to what programmers require long term.

New high-performance gaming laptop technology delivers helpful advantages improving daily coding productivity, accuracy, and mobility any programmer desires optimizing their constantly connected workflows.

After evaluating a range of capabilities firsthand, modern enthusiast-class laptops remove workflow limitations that previously constrained coding potential outside offices. Any programmer deserves daily driver freedom only maxed out gaming hardware realistically provides portably today!

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