Why Do Gamers Like Mechanical Keyboards? Learn Here

By Alex Mercer

January 7, 2021

PC gamers can often be seen using a keyboard lit up with bright colors and heard in the next room. These keyboards are called mechanical keyboards, and almost every gamer uses them.

Gamers like mechanical keyboards because they are more durable and easier to navigate. The keys on the keyboard are often raised to help players feel every input and keystroke. Mechanical keyboards provide a comfortable feel for gamers while pressing the keys.

This article will show you what a mechanical keyboard is and why gamers like to use them.

What Is A Mechanical Keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards are keyboards that are built from individual parts. Keys can often be removed and replaced if needed and provide the gamer with complete customization.

Mechanical keyboards often have more keys than the traditional keyboard. This gives the gamer more freedom to customize the keyboard with additional keys.

Mechanical keyboard for gamers

These keyboards have been around since the late ’80s. However, it’s only recently that they are now the primary keyboard type in the gaming world.

Why Do Gamers Use A Mechanical Keyboard?

PC gamers will often choose to use a mechanical keyboard over a normal keyboard for many reasons. Each of these reasons is important to the overall desired outcome for each gamer.

Loud Clicking Sounds

The first reason gamers use mechanical keyboards is the loud clicking sound. While this may annoy other members of the household, for gamers, it’s essential.

Gamers can be 100% certain that they clicked on a key based on the audio.

The sound is essential because most gamers wear over-the-ear headphones or earbuds to hear their teammates.

If they’re playing a solo game, they will want to hear in-game sounds. While the in-game sounds can be distracting, the keys’ loud clicking will ensure that the user is pressing the correct key.

Customizable Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are often customizable to precisely what the user wants within the game.

As each keyboard can often be changed due to the computer’s key binds, having extra buttons such as “home keys” or “search keys” are additional features that may appear on a mechanical keyboard.

Depending on the keyboard brand, having these extra buttons can save the gamer time, as they don’t need to click with their mouse several times to get to a certain feature; they can hit one custom key on their mechanical keyboard.

Better Builds

Mouse and keyboard are often seen as afterthoughts when assembling a computer. Many companies focus on the CPU and the power of the actual machine.

Purchasing a mechanical keyboard is beneficial because you’ll more often buy it from a company specializing in mechanical keyboards.

This means that their entire focus is to give you the best mechanical keyboard experience possible.

Keys are often sturdier, and the keyboard’s overall layout is better built because it’s the company’s main focus, not just an afterthought.

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Accessible In The Dark

New mechanical keyboards often come standard with RGB lighting. This lighting makes the keyboard glow to often customizable colors.

Gamers now spend multiple hours gaming, often into the dark of the night.

Mechanical keyboards are attractive to gamers because of the lighting that allows gamers to see the keyboard in the late hours of the night.

Players don’t have to worry about turning on a light but can play in the dark and still see their keys.

Key Force

Another reason gamers use a mechanical keyboard is the key force that each keyboard provides. Key force is the force needed for the system to recognize that the key has been pressed.

Key force is important because users with bigger hands may want to generate more force to feel like they’re pressing the keys.

On the other hand, users with smaller hands will not want as much force to press the keys successfully.

Mechanical keyboards vary in key force, allowing gamers to completely customize their striking and how hard they have to press.

Best Mechanical Keyboard For Gamers

Mechanical keyboards can be found on Amazon and every local electronic store. We recommend if you’re going to buy a mechanical keyboard, you go into the store and try out the keyboard.

Not only will you be pressing this keyboard for the next few years, but you also want to make sure you can adequately game on it without any annoyances.

If you feel comfortable buying the mechanical keyboard online, here are our picks for the best keyboards.

Redragon K552 Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboard for gamers

Our pick for the best budget mechanical keyboard is the Redragon K552. If you’re new to purchasing a mechanical keyboard, we highly recommend you start here.

This keyboard is under $50 and has everything you need in a mechanical keyboard.

This keyboard is perfect for gamers looking for a budget mechanical keyboard equipped with RGB LED rainbow lighting and 87 keys for gaming.

Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboard for gamers

The Razer BlackWidow Elite is our pick for the best overall keyboard. This is the perfect keyboard if you want customization, lighting, and quality.

The keyboard’s top right is multi-function digital dial media controls, which allows the gamer to turn up the volume with a knob rather than a button.

This is important if you constantly adjust the room’s volume and don’t rely on your headset switch or click the sound icon.

Standard with a USB 2.0 and audio pass-through, users can plug whatever sound device they like into the keyboard to get more results.


Mechanical keyboards are great for gaming because they allow gamers to hear the keys, play in the dark, and are much more comfortable than the traditional standard keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards are also better built for the force applied to the keys daily.

We recommend trying the budget keyboard to see if you like mechanical keyboards and then progress to a better overall mechanical keyboard.

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