Why FinalMouse Is The Best Mouse For Gaming

By Alex Mercer

January 11, 2019

Finalmouse eSport mouses are popular among casual and eSport gamers. Since signing an endorsement deal with popular streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, players have died to get their hands on these mouses.

Finalmouse is popular because of its lightweight structure and comfortable design. Responsive buttons on both the top and sides have enough tension to prevent accidental clicks. Finalmouse is used for both competitive and casual gaming.

This article will show you why Finalmouse is so good and why Finalmouse has grown in popularity.

Why Finalmouse Is So Good



This is the biggest sell for Finalmouse products; the lightweight feel to be able to maneuver quickly. It feels like practically nothing is in your hand.

Most gamers like the heavy pushback when they’re rotating their character. If you’re one of them, give the lightweight mouse a try and feel the difference. From the Finalmouse website;

Lighter is better. This isn’t subjective, it’s fact. Isaac Newton figured this out with his law of inertia. Force = Mass x Acceleration. The lighter the mouse, the faster you move to your target.

You’ll have more endurance, less fatigue, and more consistent aim. But we already knew that, the problem was, how do we take our legendary tournament pro shape (that is already super light) and make it ULTRA light.

The secret all came down to our patented Honeycombing process and an all-new industrial design that allowed for structural geometry to work organically through both the top and bottom of the mouse.

With new internal bridge supports our honeycombs were able to work seamlessly through every part of the mouse that your fingers weren’t touching, a meticulous process that took our design team months to complete.

In addition, we reduced the PCB size and changed to a new UV matte coating for even more weight reduction.

The end result, a 67-gram mouse, a completely new frontier that you have to feel to believe. And best of all, our proprietary Honeycomb design is completely unnoticeable, doesn’t affect the feel of the mouse, and most importantly has complete structural integrity.

In fact, its stronger and more durable than the tournament pro, and the PCB is completely protected from external elements.


As they boast, 67 grams is all the mouse weighs. If you’re buying the Ninja edition, it’s only 58 grams. Equipped with the honeycomb design, two top buttons, a wheel, and two inside buttons, the mouse glides with precision.

Variations Of The Finalmouse

Finalmouse has various mouse options based on the type of player you are. The following mouses are available:

Ultralight Pro Finalmouse

The most popular mouse available and the cheapest. The Ultralight Pro has been a staple for professional and casual gamers for years. The Ultralight Pro is currently being priced at $69.99. Available in Matte Black and Competition White.

Ultralight Sunset Finalmouse

The main difference between the Ultralight Pro and the Ultralight Sunset is the coating. From the website: “The Ultralight Sunset utilizes a special coating we developed called FINALGRIP.

With a unique hybrid rubber composite, the FINALGRIP coating provides a more soft-touch grip along with a lustrous two-tone sunset finish.

Due to the more consuming and meticulous process of applying FINALGRIP to the ULP’s honeycombs, the Ultralight Sunset will be produced in limited quantities.” The Sunset is available for purchase for $89.99.

Ultralight Phantom Finalmouse

Introducing the Phantomcord. The Phantomcord is Finalmouse’s technology that is “designed and tested to be the lowest resistance cord ever.” Finalmouse boasts that they blind-tested players, and they could not tell the difference between the wireless Ultralight Pro and the Ultralight Phantom. Purchase the Phantom for $89.99.

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Air58 Ninja Finalmouse

58 grams, the lightest mouse available. Hand-painted in cherry blossom blue and cherry blossom red, the Air 58 is named after the famous Twitch streamer Ninja and is used by many professional gamers.

Specifications For The FinalMouse

Straight from Finalmouse website:

The Ultralight boasts the new industry-leading pmw3360 esports sensor by Pixart. With a higher frame rate, integrated illumination, and enhanced tracking ability, 3360 is the pinnacle in sensor technology. This means raw, snappy, 1:1 tracking that is trusted by Pro’s as being the best in the world.”

Here is a chart breaking down the size specifications for the Finalmouse.

About The MouseHand Size Guide
Sensor: OpticalPalm: 17-19.5cm
Weight: 71gClaw: 17-21.5cm
Buttons: Omron SwitchesFingertip: 18-21.5cm
Size: Large
Recommended Game Types: FPS, RTS, MOBA

Finalmouse Pricing

Finalmouse eSport mouses range anywhere between $69.99 to $89.99 per mouse. The Finalmouse is one of the more expensive competitive mice on the market and is usually used by pro gamers.

We recommend sinking the investment if you have the budget for this high-priced mouse.

Why Is Finalmouse So Expensive?

Finalmouse has grip technology and lightweight mechanics, making their mouse far superior to others. The high price point makes the Finalmouse a premium mouse that’s not affordable by most.

Also, signing major players like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins to back the product allows them to raise the price point and differ from other mice in the market.

Where Can I Buy a Finalmouse?

Finalmouse eSports mice can be purchased on their website, www.finalmouse.com. Be sure to check if their products are in stock or if there’s a backorder before purchasing.

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The Finalmouse is one of the better mice on the market, allowing users to maneuver at a speed. Its lightweight and durability allow computer players to shoot, look, and move effectively.

Movement and comfort are the most important pieces of the mouse. If you’re a true gamer, upgrade your equipment for the long run, as the quality in the Finalmouse is long-lasting.

The high price point may be a lot for those who don’t have a high budget, but we recommend it if you can save money. The Finalmouse is one of the best for casual and competitive players on the market.

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