3 Best Basketballs For Outdoor Use

By Alex Mercer

December 29, 2021

When we think of basketball, the first thing that comes to mind is a sunny outdoor and a rush of excitement. It’s arguably the most well-known sport on the planet, and just thinking of it may evoke lovely memories of you playing it with your friends or family. If you want to hit the court or the streets with some hoop shooting, here is all you need to know about the best basketballs for outdoor use.

Getting a basketball for the outdoors depends on a couple of things. First and foremost, durability is an important consideration. You do not want a cheap ball for outdoor use as it will easily crack and lose air after a few uses.

That is not all, though. There are two different types of materials that are most common – composite leather and rubber. Each has its pros and cons. And the sizes also vary. Let’s take a deeper look into all of these.

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Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Basketball

I will include a short review of a few basketballs you can buy outdoors. But picking one from a handpicked list is easy. If you want to make a more informed decision, knowing which ones are good and, more importantly, what features you need to look for is essential.

So, here are some things you should consider before going out and buying a basketball. Let’s get started with the first thing, which is the material and quality.


Naturally, the first thing to consider is the material. When you use the ball outdoors, it will take a lot of beating. And if you have some serious players, this fact is even exaggerated.

The material, therefore, becomes a critical consideration. This is true regardless of whether you want a basketball for outdoor use or indoors. But it is essential for outdoor use.

Look for leather or rubber. These two are your best options and will also give you more durability. Composite leather balls will cost you more. But the price is not just for any reason. They are tougher.

The rubber will do the job fine for casual play (or if children use the ball). Composite leather ones are more versatile as well. They work well both indoors and outdoors.

While getting the job done, Rubber balls do not feel that good. They also do not absorb moisture that well either. So, they retain the grip better. All in all, composite leather balls are better.


All basketballs are not made the same. At least not in the size department. Here you have to think about who will use the ball most. If you are buying for children, then a smaller one will be better.

For adults, a larger ball is a must. Sizes range from 1 to 7. I will include a detailed explanation of the size and weight later. So, keep on reading.


There is nothing quite as disappointing when playing basketball as a ball that does not bounce properly. It makes the game very dull, not to mention that the ball becomes hard to control and shoot. You will interrupt your flow.

The ball should bounce just right. It should not jump too low or too high. That is what toy basketballs are for. When playing outdoors, it is normal for the ball to get damaged a bit. But do not worry.

This is because of the surface of the outdoor courts, asphalt, and dirt hitting the ball. But do not worry too much. The rate of this is prolonged.

It is not like you will feel a noticeable difference within a couple of weeks. It will take about a couple of years to make a difference.

Your Outdoor Court

Speaking of the asphalt and dirt, you should also consider your court conditions when buying a basketball for outdoor use. Different courts in different places can vary widely. Some outdoor courts may have a softer asphalt.

Others may be pretty tough and can wreak havoc on the basketballs. All these essential things will be something you should consider before buying. If you think the court is hard and gravelly, then a more durable ball is a must!


Lastly, there is the price. Honestly, it depends on what you want to spend and your budget. Do not fall for any gimmicky features. What you should be paying for are durability and quality.

Prices may also vary depending on the size of the phone as well. A larger basketball may cost more than a smaller one. Also, composite leather balls are more expensive than rubber.

Top 3 Outdoor Basketballs

Let’s check out the top 3 basketballs you can buy to make things easier on you. I will keep the reviews short and to the point.

Molten BG3000 Outdoor Basketball

Molten basketball

This one gives you versatility. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is also FIBA-approved. That is quite a big deal if you do not realize it. It acts as a seal of quality.

The BG3000 basketball is a Size 7 basketball. So, it is not the best for children.

The diameter is 9.5″ with an excellent two-tone design.

Wilson NCAA Replica Basketball

Wilson Basketball

The name Wilson should light up all kinds of bulbs. It is a pretty famous name for sports gear and equipment.

So, it is no surprise at all that this takes a spot. This is not the original one, though. But this replica is still a quality choice.

The diameter is 29.5″, and it uses composite materials that are super durable.

Spalding TF 250

spalding basketball

This is it if you are after a ball with superb grip. The improved outer shell gives you a ton of grip and control, and it is pretty soft as well. However, the more delicate touch also makes it a bit weaker.

Regularly using it outdoors will cause it to wear down fairly quickly.

So, it would help if you kept that in mind. I would suggest not to use it exclusively outdoors.

Consider The Basketball’s Size And Weight

Before wrapping it all up, let’s touch on the size and weight of the basketball. Basketballs, as previously stated, do not come in a single dimension. They come in 7 sizes. Well, there is another “size,” but those are toys.

The right size for you depends on your gender and your age. Here is a complete guide to the size. There are seven sizes. One is the smallest one, and seven is the largest. Size 7 is also the official size for college and professional play.

  • Size 1 -These are considered micro-mini basketballs because they are so small. It is best for ages 2 to 4 years with a 9 “–20 “circumference.
  • Size 3 – Suitable for both boys and girls aged 4 to 8 years. It is known as mini basketballs with a 16 “circumference.
  • Size 4 – For children aged 5 to 8. It has a 25.5″ circumference.
  • Size 5 – Girls and boys aged 9 to 11 years old. It has a circumference of 27.5″.
  • Size 6 – Suitable for boys aged 12 to 14 and girls aged 12 and up. Size 6 is the official for women’s pro, college, and school basketball. 28.5″ circumference.
  • Size 7 – Recommended for male players aged 15 and up, as well as the official size for men’s college, professional, and high school basketball.29.5″ circumference.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. Now you know all about the best basketball for outdoor use. It is essential to keep the material and durability in mind. Also your outdoor court will come into play as well. Do not forget to think about the right size as well.

A particular basketball may be super durable but too big for those who will play with it. Go for the right size, and you should be all set.

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