7 Best Softball Batting Gloves

By Alex Mercer

April 13, 2022

If you’re seeking to step up your sport and swing like a professional, batting gloves may be an essential investment. Thankfully, even the maximum high-quality batting gloves are rarely expensive. There are several motives why you will need to pick up a couple of the best batting gloves.

The best batting gloves will enhance your grip at the bat, which means extra control and accuracy for starters. They’ll also help save you from the buildup of sweat and moisture, ensuring that your bat will not slip or slide around from your hands while making hard hits. Also, batting gloves are essential for growing comfort, as they prevent blisters and assist the arms. 

Typically, players using the best batting gloves for the first time will immediately notice the distinction they make to their grip, comfort, and self-confidence.

So, what batting gloves should you buy? Read through our list of the first-rate batting gloves you’ll find in the marketplace these days to pick the pair that will be best for you.

7 Best Softball Batting Gloves

1. Jennie Finch Batting Gloves

Jennie Finch Batting Gloves

If you’re looking to buy a couple of the excellent softball batting gloves in the marketplace, look for the signature glove collection of mythical American softball pitcher Jennie Lynn Finch. These are the batting gloves that helped Finch in becoming an Olympic medalist. So, what makes these gloves so unique?

The Finch gloves have a palm and backhand that might be made with a top-rate leather base, making them highly durable. It also improves grip and creates easy revel in overall. These gloves further use a stretchy, lightweight cloth, enabling them to accommodate the natural movements of your hand.

You’ll by no means again worry about sweaty arms, blisters, or bat slippage with the Mizuno Jennie Finch Batting Gloves.

2. Easton VRS Batting Gloves

Easton VRS Batting Gloves

These elite batting gloves have quickly become the year’s number one newly released glove. The Easton VRS Batting Gloves benefit from various new and thrilling technologies that assist in casting off poor vibrations and save you blisters. Also, they can be used in softball and baseball leagues.

The Easton VRS uses a unique palm pad to keep your arms sparkling, blister-free, and secure when receiving high-effect balls. And with these gloves’ cheesy goatskin leather components, they don’t simply come up with a substantial grip but will have years of extensive use. 

These gloves also use an energy-enhancing heel pad, helping the hand’s hamate bone and enhancing precision and comfort. Generally, Easton VRS comes at a meager fee, particularly considering the excessive degree of performance they provide.

3. Rawlings Workhorse Batting Gloves

Rawlings Workhorse Batting Gloves

The Rawlings batting gloves are an excellent alternative for athletes looking for good quality at a reasonable price. These gloves have been deemed an “Amazon’s desire” choice due to their consistent 5-star evaluations from gamers. Players quickly notice the resilience of these gloves, which are designed for year-round usage without succumbing to wear and tear or getting out of shape.

The Rawling Workhorse batting gloves provide advanced guidance, avoid blisters, and keep players safe for long hours of play thanks to their Oiltac leather construction, Dura plus palm pad, and Dynamic fit machine.

These gloves conform to the curvature of the hand for a close-to-the-bat experience. The wrist clasp of the glove is also intended to prevent slipping even when the arms become moist and damp.

4. David Ortiz Batting Gloves

David Ortiz Batting Gloves

Are you looking for nice-looking batting gloves? There aren’t many gloves that can compete with batting legend David Ortiz’s trademark set. Even though Ortiz was a baseball player, batting gloves for softball and baseball are similar. That means you can employ those Franklins confidently, irrespective of the game.

Because of the one-piece design of the gloves, which are made of Pittards virtual Sheepskin leather-based, they provide a unique mix of increased grip, comfort, and year-after-year durability. The floating thumb technology in the gloves provides gamers with flexibility and near-comfortable health; this flexibility is further enhanced by Tectonic insert creation.

When you return these gloves, you’ll also find a Neoprene bridge that allows for a significant flex. With an adjustable wrist fastening, these gloves provide a custom-feeling fit every time.

5. Nike MVP Elite Batting Gloves

Nike MVP Elite Batting Gloves

The Nike MVP batting gloves are excellent for top elite players looking to perform professionally or have expert goals. The Nike MVP Elite batting gloves have a clean, sheepskin leather pattern and are extremely comfortable and durable, and they give a closed grip.

The MVP Elite gloves are seamless with a one-piece layout,  allowing for the simple enjoyment of longer-lasting sturdiness and eliminating ripping. These batting gloves also have mesh gussets on the knuckles and thumb, promoting ventilation and preventing sweat and moisture accumulation.

Again, players may effortlessly adjust the MVP Elite gloves’ form with an adjustable wrist strap and get a custom-feeling in shape.

6. Franklin CFX Pro Batting Gloves

Franklin CFX Pro Batting Gloves

The Franklin CFX Pro batting gloves are durable. This glove is part of Franklin’s seasoned collection as a famous and widely regarded glove. The Franklin seasoned series gloves were created to be utilized since they were the first legitimate gloves worn in Major League Baseball.

However, the gloves perform well in softball play, as batting gloves serve the same purpose in each game. If you’re still not convinced, consider that the gloves are now the most dependable batting gloves in USA softball.

This CFX style of Franklin pro batting gloves is specifically built for fast-pitch softball play. If you’re a professional or very aggressive with expert objectives, the gloves are a good choice.

These batting gloves are high-quality leather and are extremely secure, robust, and high-performing. They’re also made to keep sweat and moisture at bay, so your arms are always comfortable and dry.

7. Marucci Elite Batting Gloves

Marucci Elite Batting Gloves

This 2014 version is still widely used today because of its high-quality construction and superior performance. Softball and baseball use gloves as well. If you have doubts about the ideal way to use these gloves, remember that they were made under the supervision of a great player, José Bautista.

These batting gloves are made with a huge League grip, which allows them to control, grip, and prevent the bat from slipping. The Marucci Elite batting gloves are made of Cabretta leather and provide a simple experience, enabling grip and manipulation and contributing to its favored longevity.

Although a 2014 model, these premium batting gloves are one of the best today. They are proudly created, designed, and manufactured in the United States of America.


Investing in high-quality softball gloves helps strengthen your hands and improve your catching ability. While you should keep in mind that it contains some aspect that functions as a safeguard to your frame, you should invest in the appropriate glove that fits your gameplay without any discomfort.

We hope you discover the best softball glove from the list above, covering all relevant positions.

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