What Do The Weapon Colors In Fortnite Mean?

By Alex Mercer

January 17, 2019

In Fortnite, weapons and items are scattered throughout the game, on the floor, in chests, llamas, and even in airdrops. The weapons have a solid background, which indicates many things.

The weapon colors indicate the power and accuracy of the gun or item. From worst to best, it goes grey, green, blue, purple, gold. Gold is the rarest and most powerful.

First, we must understand Fortnite’s interpretation of the colors. Each color in Fortnite is not created equally, as the power of the gun changes as the color changes.

In this article, we’re going to break down what the colors of each gun in Fortnite mean and how you can win more games by choosing the right colored gun, which can help you survive longer.

What Do The Colors Mean In Fortnite?

To choose the right gun, understanding the right color will guide you in picking up the right weapon.


Fortnite uses a color system to determine the strength and accuracy of the guns. Often these weapons are found in chests or on the floor.

We’re going to walk you through how the damage, DPS (Damage Per Second), Magazine Size, Reload Time, Bullets, and Range will differ from gun to gun as the colors progress. 

The weapon that we’re going to be focusing on is a progression from the AR (Assault Rifle) to the fully upgraded SCAR. Let’s take a deeper look at how these weapon colors differ the ratings of each gun.

Uncommon Rarity

uncommon rarity gun in fortnite

Damage: 30 Per Hit

Damage Per Second: 165

Magazine Size: 30 Rounds

Reload Time: 2.3 Seconds

Bullets: Medium Bullets

Range: Medium Range 

The uncommon (Assault Rifle) AR is the most standard gun in the game and can easily be found in chests and on the floor. It does a fair share of damage to players and is often kept by players within the first few minutes, only to be traded out later. 

The downside, however, tends to be wildly inaccurate when fired at a rapid rate. Use the uncommon assault rifle early on as it may save you from medium-distance opponents.

We highly recommend you shoot this gun in spurts. Holding the button down will cause it to spray inaccurately. It will prove to have better accuracy when tapped at a fast rate. 

Common Rarity

common rarity gun in fortnite

Damage: 31 Per Hit

Damage Per Second: 170.5

Magazine Size: 30 Rounds

Reload Time: 2.2 Seconds

Bullets: Medium Bullets

Range: Medium Range 

The Green Common Assault Rife is often found in chests and on the ground in Fortnite.

Its damage goes up by one hit point, and its accuracy is improved from mid-range. Another crucial improvement to the standard AR is the reload time.

As the ARs continue to improve with color, the reload time decreases. Although .1 second might not seem like a long time, it makes a difference in the gunfight. 

The green AR is a great gun to have at the beginning of rounds, as its damage can impact opponents at long and medium ranges. It also can be upgraded to a better blue AR when the necessary materials are collected.

Rare Rarity

rare rarity gun in fortnite

Damage: 33.0 Per Hit

Damage Per Second: 181.5

Magazine Size: 30 Rounds

Reload Time: 2.0 Seconds

Bullets: Medium Bullets

Range: Medium Range 

The Rare (blue) assault rifle is currently the best game. Its increased damage of 33.0 and 2.0 second reload time propels this gun over most mid-range guns.

The significant damage increase of 1 helps rip off opponents’ shields and decrease their health with consecutive hits. Consider the blue Assault Rifle a must-have in all inventories for medium and long-range gunfights.

We recommend stockpiling an AR, as sniper rifles can be hard to find in the game. This gun allows you to tag opponents as you start to rush them. 

Epic Rarity

epic rarity gun in fortnite

Damage: Regular 35 Per Hit | Silenced 32 Per Hit

Damage Per Second: Regular 192.5 | Silenced 176

Magazine Size: Regular 30 Rounds | Silenced 30 Rounds

Reload Time: 2.1 Seconds | Silenced 2.2 Seconds

Bullets: Medium Bullets

Range: Medium Range 

The Epic SCAR introduced a silent version in season 1, chapter 8, which decreased the hit point by 1, but it brought a silent aspect crucial in taking down the new planes, helicopters, and 4-wheelers. It also allows players to add a stealth aspect to their game, hiding in bushes and behind walls from mid-range. 

The magazine size and fire rate from the blue assault rifle are the same as the purple SCAR. However, the accuracy is greatly improved on the purple and gold SCAR’s, compared to the blue assault rifle. This is the biggest turn-on to the SCARS. It rips through materials and players, each shot down the scope and from the hip. 

The sound the SCAR makes will intimidate opponents as this gun can eliminate opponents with ease.

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Legendary Rarity

Legendary rarity gun in fortnite

Damage: Regular 36.0 Per Hit | Silenced 33.0 Per Hit

Damage Per Second: Regular 181.5 | Silenced 198

Magazine Size: Regular 30 Rounds | Silenced 30 Rounds

Reload Time: Regular 2.1 Seconds | Silenced 2.1 Seconds

Range: Medium & Long Range

The Legendary SCAR is the best gun in the game. Its accuracy from both medium and long-range makes it a must-have weapon at all times. Along with its 36.0 damage per hit on a player, it rips through wood, brick, and metal. 

The silenced version is just as effective, only dropping off 3 points with the suppressor attached. Like the epic version, the silenced gold gun is great to take down any golf carts, planes, helicopters, or boats.

This is a gun that shouldn’t be passed up. The legendary or “gold” SCAR is the perfect gun for all ranges.

What Is The Best Color In Fortnite?

The best gun in Fortnite is the Gold SCAR. Its ability to be effective at both close, medium, and long-range makes it a must-have weapon at all points in the game. Although extremely rare to find, they can be searched in chests or on the floor. 

What Is The Worst Color In Fortnite?

The worst gun in Fortnite is either the uncommon burst assault rifle or the uncommon pistol. Both guns prove inaccurate and are tough to eliminate opponents when squaring up to one vs. one. 


Fortnite uses a rarity system that ranks guns from worst to best. Grey is ubiquitous, green is uncommon, blue is rare, and purple/gold is the most scarce colored item in the game.

Gold and purple guns are the most sought-after as they’re the most powerful and most accurate guns in the game.

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