Equipment Guides

Don’t Know Where To Start? Let Us Help!

Football Equipment

Most football equipment will be provided by your association’s high school. Here is a great beginner’s guide if you want to purchase your equipment instead.

HelmetRiddell SpeedFlex Helmet
Chin StrapShock Doctor Ultra Carbon Chin Strap
Mouth PieceBattle Oxygen Predator Mouth Guard
Shoulder Pads Schutt Flex 4.0 Shoulder Pads
GirdleAdidas Techfit Ironskin 5
Cleats Adidas Men’s Adizero 8.0

Lacrosse Equipment

Lacrosse equipment is usually purchased by the player. However, teams in high school may issue helmets that are team colored.

Equipment Recommended
HelmetCascade CPX-R Helmet
Stick HeadWarrior Evo 5
Stick ShaftEast Coast Dyes Shaft
GlovesEpoch Lacrosse Gloves
CleatsNew Balance FreezeLX 2.0

Baseball Equipment

The player usually purchases baseball equipment. The team may supply bats, helmets, and pants, but it may be more beneficial to buy your own to get comfortable with them.

Equipment Recommended
Baseball GloveMizuno Prospect PowerClose Baseball Glove
HelmetUnder Armour Converge Batting Helmet
Baseball BatRawlings Raptor USA Youth Baseball Bat
Batting GlovesFranklin MLB CFX Pro Batting Gloves
Baseball PantsUnder Armour Baseball Pants
Baseball CleatsMizuno Swagger Baseball Cleat

Softball Equipment

Similar to baseball, softball players are primarily responsible for their equipment. The team may issue bats, helmets, and pants, but it may be beneficial to buy your own.

Equipment Recommended
Softball GloveRawlings Liberty Softball Glove
HelmetDeMarini Paradox Batting Helmet
Softball BatEaston Ghost
Softball Batting GlovesEaston Hyperlite
Softball PantsUnder Armour Softball Pants
Softball Sliding PantsMizuno Slider Kneepad
Softball CleatsUnder Armour Women’s UA Glyde

Basketball Equipment

Little equipment is needed for basketball, but we always recommend the player be comfortable in their shoes, socks, and uniform.

Basketball ShoesUnder Armour Kids Jet
Basketball SocksUnder Armour Tech Socks
Basketball headbands (Men)Nike Dri-Fit Headband
Basketball headbands (Women)Nike Swoosh Headbands

Hockey Equipment

Hockey equipment is some of the most expensive on the list. We grabbed all the items we could find that were both the most useful, durable, and cost-efficient.

Equipment Recommended
HelmetBauer IMS 5.0 Helmet
StickStick For Beginners
Shoulder PadsBauer Hockey S18 NSX Shoulder Pads
Hockey PantsSTX Surgeon RX 2.1 Pants
SocksHockey Shipper Socks
Shin GuardsCCM Jetspeed
SkatesAmerican Ice Force 2.0
Hockey TapeSports Tape Hockey Tape