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Complete Fortnite Editing Guide

Editing in Fortnite can be one of the greatest advantages to counteract a build battle. To fully understand editing, we need to understand which pieces can be edited and select them properly. On console controllers, hold down the build button, and it will turn the structure into a blue outline. From there, select the blocks you’d like …

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PS4 Controller Lights – What Each Color Means

Every time the PS4 is turned on, a blue light bar will appear on the PlayStation 4 controller. Each controller connected to the PS4 console will have different meanings based on its color. What does the light on the PS4 controller mean? The PS4 controller lights indicate the players connected to the PS4 console. Blue …

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Claw Controller Grip – How To Play Claw

Claw grip is a unique grip gamers use to maximize their button input on console games. Video game players have found two different ways to hold the console controller with a regular and claw grip. However, what exactly is the claw controller grip, and is it better than the traditional grip? The claw controller grip …

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