Best Lacrosse Sticks For Youth & Beginners

By Alex Mercer

December 20, 2019

Choosing a lacrosse stick for both youth and beginners can be challenging for a parent. Choosing a stick can be complicated with various brands and combinations of shafts and heads.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite sticks that will help better educate you on your lacrosse stick buying decisions.

Parts Of a Lacrosse Stick

Before we purchase a lacrosse stick, we first must understand all of the necessary parts of a lacrosse stick. If anything breaks, you can fully understand how to repair the stick at home.

The lacrosse stick comprises two main parts; the head and the shaft. Let’s look closer at each piece; that way, you’ll understand where to start fixing if anything happens to your stick.

Lacrosse Head

head of a lacrosse stick

The lacrosse head is on top of the lacrosse stick, which will ultimately catch the ball. The head will take the brunt of the lacrosse stick, consistently catching and throwing the lacrosse balls.

As shown in the picture above, the head is often purchased without the string. This means there isn’t a stringed net that comes with just buying ahead.

To complete the lacrosse head, the stick must be strung up. There are purchasing options where you can buy ahead with a stringed pocket, but it’s always good to understand how to string a lacrosse stick in case of emergencies.

A string for a lacrosse head can be purchased separately from the stick and can be used to alter, reconstruct, or fix broken pockets.

Mesh Stringing Kit

Typically, heads that are bought will be automatically strung. However, if you’re buying your lacrosse stick in pieces, there’s a good chance you may have to string the stick up yourself.

Stringing the stick may seem difficult for parents who have no relation to a lacrosse game. We recommend purchasing this stringing kit and watching the video below to get started.

Lacrosse Shaft

The lacrosse shaft is the hard part of the lacrosse stick’s main “handle” part. These two pieces are connected via screws. If the screw or connecting piece is knocked off, the shaft will be removed, and the stick will be unusable.

lacrosse shaft

Here is a visual of a lacrosse shaft. It’s pretty simple, as it’s often made from carbon fiber. The shaft itself is lightweight and can be easily interchanged to match up against other lacrosse heads.

The shaft, however, is one of the most expensive parts of the entire stick. If you’re going to replace the shaft, it may be worth replacing the lacrosse head.


Tape isn’t mandatory, but we highly recommend buying athletic tape for your stick. This is mainly for grip purposes and a training reminder on where to put the bottom hand.

Lacrosse tape is essential for both grip and control purposes. Taping your lacrosse stick can improve your shot, but it will also help with passing and defense as your grip will be enhanced. We highly recommend reading this article about taping your lacrosse stick and why it’s essential.

Athletic tape will typically do the trick, but it isn’t mandatory for new or youth players, although we highly encourage it.

Best Lacrosse Stick For Youth & Beginners

The way we rank our lacrosse sticks is based on the following:

  • Durability and long-lasting
  • Pricing
  • Flexibility
  • Easily Interchangeable

Each of these sticks we list will aim to provide you with the best value for your buck and withstand the entire season. Lacrosse sticks maintain a heavy workload – catching and throwing the ball, getting hit by other sticks, and getting bent from contact with other players.

We aim to find the best sticks to withstand the contact and be effective throughout the lengthy season.

Below, we will show you attack, defensive, and goalie sticks. These are our picks for sticks that you can get at a bargain price, as well as durable enough to last many years.

We recommend you view the prices on Amazon for discounts or price changes due to supplier availability.

Attack/Midfield Sticks

STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse

attack and midfield sticks

Type: Attack/Midfield

Description: This stick is excellent for beginners as it has a strong, forgiving head made with softer material.

The stick is made with a shorter and thinner handle for easier handling, helping players develop proper fundamentals.

CAKLOR Lacrosse Stick

caklor lacrosse stick

Type: Attack/Midfield

Description: The CAKLOR lacrosse stick comes professionally strung for the perfect catch and throw. The pockets are easily adjustable if you want to deepen or tighten the pocket.

This stick comes standard with a ball stop and an end cap.

Warrior Evo WARP Lacrosse Stick

Warrior lacrosse stick

Type: Attack/Midfield

Description: Standard with a kryptonite shaft, this stick is great for players under 14.

With a tighter face shape and all-around pocket, this stick helps refine skills and eliminate bad habits!

Defensive Sticks

Warrior Evo NEXT Complete Defensive Stick

Warrior evo lacrosse stick

Type: Defensive

Description: The Evo head has been retooled for defensive players.

With the deepest possible pocket and ball control, the Evo NEXT stick is a great beginner defensive stick. The length of this stick is roughly 5 ft.

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Goalie Sticks

STX Shield 100 Goalie Stick

stx goalie lacrosse stick

Type: Goalie

Description: This stick is great for rec-level goalies. Standard with a 30-inch handle, the 12-diamond semi-hard mesh webbing.

Getting started for a relatively low price is great for newer goalies.


Ultimately, the best stick for youth players is whatever the youth player feels comfortable with. The sticks we’ve listed above are great lacrosse sticks that will get you the best quality for your money.

The lacrosse sticks featured above are the best available ones you can get quickly and will be the most reliable for this upcoming season.

After purchasing a lacrosse stick, break it by playing catch or punching it with a ball. Skills can be developed over time as long as the youth player can control and catch the ball.

In the comment section below, let us know your favorite lacrosse stick for the best price.

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